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Umisoul Story

Worked a high-pressure job as a manager at a technology firm, Never made time for self-care or exercise, Busy with paying the credit card billing, raising two children, kept up my energy with caffeinated diet sodas—up to 10 a day, 50 pounds overweight and etc, I couldn’t keep all these together, It is scary.

This was my real life 3 years ago, all these chaotic things filled our minds, made me have no time and space to think how to walk out the circle.

Things start to change when one friend give a Pixiu Obsidian bracelet as my birthday gift, I don’t know what is Pixiu on the bracelet, it looks like a lion or dragon. My friends introduce it is Pixiu on the feng shui bracelet, which is a traditional amulet in old east asian, with the meaning of good luck health and wealth, can bring you health, good luck and make you feel safer and in peace mood.

Even I am not sure its function, I wear it everyday for the exquisite and cool bracelet. The natural gemstone is really give different feeling than other bracelet, I even can feel the energy gradually, it is amazing feeling which can not be spoken. My mind gradually becomes peaceful and not easy to get angry in the following months. I am so surprise when I find the changes.

My story continues, one thing is completely sure that the Feng shui bracelet affect me positively.I build the site - Umisoul, to share my experience with more people, and hope it can bring good luck to them.