8 Feng Shui Tips That Could Change Your Life

Sep 10 , 2021


Umi Soul

Feng Shui is basically the system of natural that covers the arrangements and orientation of things in the room or in an area in relation to how the energy or Qi flows. Feng Shui was something traditional Chinese culture when determining the location and design of buildings because people thought that the placements of the building itself and of course the furniture room orientation and arrangement had to fit precisely in order to have the perfect home environment so in other words you cay say that Feng Shui is the art of Placement.

The Chinese words of Feng Shui means wind and water, wind and water are two natural elements that flow move and circulates everywhere on earth, they are almost the most basic elements for human survival. Wind and water are the direct carriers of this Qi and all living elements contained them.

Feng Shui is a very complex system and that it is just way out of your league well it's kind of true if you really want to dig deep into the details of home, they're just so much you have to study it for decades.

But today we're gonna talk about 8 small tips that you can take to improve your life and make your life better tips.

Tip 1. Get a plant in living room.

Feng Shui is all about space and airflow and minding the air quality is precisely. what we need to focus on plants make great natural air purifiers and can also create unity with nature nature in the home environment invites harmony and balance so plants are excellent in this mater.

Here are some plants that are particularly important to home trick. first of all we have bamboo, bamboo is important and is also a popular symbol in Chinese art and poetry. Bamboo is considered to be a tree that can ward off negative thoughts and energy it can promote resilience and courage among people and is a sign of prosperity in the abundance, bamboo is also considered to be lucky tree but just beware bamboo is plant that needs a lot of love and attention.

Another good plant to have is a jade plant, the jade plant is also considered the money plant it is believed to attract prosperity to the office. This plant is also an evergreen plant

that is believed to radiate a good energy that positively affects all aspects of life but make sure this plant that doesn't grow taller than a meter or it can disrupt a Qi balance in your room one great place to put your plant in your house is on the empty cabinets

in your kitchen in the filtering perspective this space is often filled with dust so she gets stuck in there and creates dead energy that will hold you back in life tip.

Tip 2. Clean your air

We've been talking about how great a plant would be to have but maybe some of you are like me and if you get a plant you know it's gonna die so if you are a cereal plant killer what you could do is just open your windows more often, the fresh air from outside brings movement into your room that creates good energy flow as well as a rejuvenation it's understandable that some living circumstances do not permit this and sometimes the outside may be too polluted or noisy so you can always get an air purifier with this clean air you will be sure to have the right balance of Qi in your room.

Tip 3. To do with all your electronics in the modern world

Everybody has computers TVs and etc,Feng Shui is an ancient practice that has no interest in such advanced technology so in order to complete a fully harmonious living space it is best to remove any kinds of disruptive gadgets from your room because they emits a strong energy that isn't always positive even though it does sound like an extremely difficult feat you are guaranteed to feel much more comfortable afterwards so be move all the electronics into one room and sleep in the others.

Something you should take into consideration is not place electronics in the bedroom,which should be a relaxing positive sanctuary for you and these emissions of energy from the electronic devices can be disruptive to your sleep, your bedroom should not be a place where you work and if you do have a computer in this space you might be inclined to do last-minute checks on your work projects so you should keep temptation away and break this on a healthy pattern by putting such electronic devices in other parts.


Tip 4. Add various shapes in your home

Regarding the furniture in your living space make sure to have an abundance of shapes shapes represent different elements according to function and you need a mix of all those elements to achieve a wonderful living space the five elements in Fung Shui are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

These elements can be associated with shapes and colors. squares represent earth, rectangles represent wood, triangles are fire, wavy is water and round items represent a metal. Some easy solutions can be metallic clods where triangular candles where you have all these different shapes in room you all have the feeling of completeness and Keep the space at balance.

Tip 5. Take off your shoes before enter house

This is because low level energies tend to sink into ground level and some may inevitably get stuck to our shoes as we walk around, why would you want to walk all over your house with dirty shoes so take off our shoes before we walk around our house not only will we be preventing dirties from entering our home we will also prevent the negative energies from entering our living environments. 

Of course it isn't very sensible to pile your shoes outside the front door so instead you should maybe get like a small cupboard somewhere just inside the main entrance,so you can store your shoes as soon as you walk in just make sure your shoes are nice and organized when you put them on the shelf.

Tip 6.  Care of Light

surrounding ourselves with light, Feng Shui is all about energy and light is the strongest manifestation of energy light in your home, whatever it is natural or artificial greatly influences the quality of your home energy.

Both the basics of lighting and air quality should be at the top of your list for Feng Shui

priorities so make sure you open your blinds and let the light shine in and try your best to find the lighting for corners that are hard to reach, even artificial lights will be a great form of energy for your home because if you let these spaces be dark it can represent the neglect of certain aspects of your life.


Tip 7. Follow a bed arrangement

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your room so it is important to have good placement for it in order to have a good flow of Air in your bedroom now I am so on top of this my bed is an air bed so not only is a easily movable it's made of air anyway while each bedrooms.More about bedroom feng shui visit here

Feng Shui Energy is unique,there are a few main tips to keep in mind.

  • when positioning your bed make sure you have access to both sides of your bed
  • Make sure your bed is placed that diagonally across the door you should be able to see the door while you are lying in bed this way when the boogeyman comes, sometimes because it's not possible and in those cases you can place a mirror in a position where you can see the door off your room while laying in bed just make sure you're not directly into lying with the door,
  • Finally make sure you donot have anything stored under your bed storage boxes are fine but don't keep all necessary junk under your bed,this creates negative energy under your bed and you won't be able to get a good night sleep also the space under a bed is creepy enough you don't need any more negative energy down there.


Tip 8. Get rid of clutter

Clutter is the worst thing to have in Feng Shui and you need to get rid of it. If a house is dirty then you are living there gets a Qi to collect the clutter can mean that you have a lot of stuff that you don't love or use and you are only creating blocks of negative energy for yourselves in this case you just have to let it go.


This can apply to the clothes you don't wear or broken electronics or anything else that you've been holding on to you for no reason or just purely emotional reasons, there's also a Japanese legend who says if you collect a lot of things in your living space that you don't use a hundred years, they will turn into demons so in my case probably avacuum cleaner demon, dishwasher demon, ice tray demon and etc.

You can follow the tips that will improve your life, hopefully these can help you.

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