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Oct 21 , 2021


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The History of the Evil Eye, an Ancient Symbol of Protection.

The evil eye dates back around 5000 years and the symbol was originally associated across ancient cultures and religions. In the 6th century BC images of the evil eye appeared on drinking vessels.

Classical authors like Plato and Hesiod tried to describe the meaning of the evil eye in their writing. They said the evil eye is a threat to anyone who is praised or seen to be more appreciated than people think they deserve.

evil eye

The evil eye is believed to be a curse that emerged in ancient Greek culture but has become part of other cultures across the world.

It is said that if someone is envious of you, they give you an “evil glare” which brings bad luck and trouble across your path. This is called giving you the evil eye.

In ancient times people started looking for a way to protect themselves from the evil eye of others. This they did by painting images of an eye on items. It is believed that when the person that gives you the evil glare looks at you the evil eye on you or on an object that is on you such as jewelry then reflects the “evil glare” back at the person.

The meaning of the evil eye color

The traditional blue color of the evil eye brings good karma, positive energy and protection against any evil eye curse that has been placed on you.

A light blue color is the same color as the sky and symbolizes truth and provides direct protection against the evil eye.

Blue is also associated with the cool water of the Mediterranean ocean which is where the traditional evil eye originated.

Protection from the evil eye amulet

It is believed that there are three types of evil eyes:

  • The first are unconscious evil eyes. These evil eyes harm people and things unintentionally.
  • The second type intends to harm.
  • The third one is unseen, a hidden evil, this is the one to fear the most.

Wearing an evil eye bracelet protects the wearer from the envious evil eye of people that are jealous of the prosperity and luck of the wearer. The amulet reflects the evil intent back to the onlooker and thereby protects the person wearing the amulet.

The evil eye symbol is present worldwide and seen as a symbol by many cultures to ward off evil. It has blended with fashion trends of today’s youth and shows that cultural values are still deeply rooted in daily life.

Evil eye symbol protection jewelry is the trendiest way to protect yourself from the evil eye given to you by another.

People of all age groups can be seen to wear a blue topaz eye, called ‘the evil eye’, as a piece of jewelry. It is designed to “stare back at you”. The symbol of the evil eye is believed to be a curse that someone has put on you.

evil eye bracelet

Evil Eye Amulet – FAQ’s

1.What do the different colors of the evil eye mean?

Each color of the evil eye has a different meaning and a different purpose. Before you decide which color evil eye to buy or give as a gift you must be aware of your intentions and know the meanings of the colors.

  • Authentic Blue - this is the authentic and original color of the Evil Eye

Amulet and is used for the protection of your fate or protection of your

karma. The blues imbue the embodiment of calmness and allows you

to be calm while you are mingling with other people.

  • Black – a black evil eye symbolizes power, energy, influence, and self- confidence of the wearer, and also protects the wearer.
  • Brown – wearing a brown colored evil eye represents stability and your connection with nature. It brings the wearer courage, enthusiasm, and energy.
  • Coral – a coral coloured evil eye represents safety and protection for the wearer.
  • Deep Green – wearing a deep green coloured evil eye ensures your life is balanced with happiness and prosperity. It also signifies freedom to proceed with any new ideas that the wearer may have.
  • Light Green - light green represents success and that your dreams of being successful will come true.
  • Deep Red - deep red represents courage, enthusiasm, and energy that protects from anxiety and fear.
  • Light Blue – the light blue evil eye represents cleanness and purity. It is the color of the sky and broadens your horizon while giving you a sense of peace.
  • Pink – the pink evil eye represents love and friendship and will always keep you calm and relaxed.
  • Turquoise – a turquoise evil eye represents good health and well-   being.
  • White  a white colored evil eye represents wealth and indicates that all obstacles in your path have been cleared away.
  • Yellow  the yellow evil eye represents joy and optimism and will relieve you of any exhaustion.


2Does the evil eye work? How do you know it works?

Yes, it definitely does as it has been used over centuries by different belief systems and is still being used today. You just have to believe in its powerful symbolism. If you feel in your innermost being that someone has placed a curse on you, or is wishing evil upon you, and you believe that the evil eye amulet symbolizes protection for you from this curse, then it will protect you without a doubt. Believing is the key to feeling protected. Once you have worn the amulet you will find your fear will dissipate. If it is a strong curse that has been placed on you, look at the evil eye, if the amulet cracks or breaks you will know for sure the curse has been broken.

evil eye bracelet

3. How can the evil eye be used?

The evil eye can be used by anyone and for any possession as a method of protection.

Protect people – There are people who are jealous of the good fortune or good looks of others; they place a curse on those people or stare at them in a malevolent manner. Wearing the evil eye amulet protects the wearer against these curses or jealous stares.

Protect objects – The evil eye can also protect possessions. If you have a beautiful house or a successful business or treasured possessions, use the evil eye amulet to hang in your house or business for protection from jealous or malevolent people.

4. What does it mean when your evil eye bracelet breaks?

If your evil eye bracelet breaks that is a good sign. It means that somebody placed a curse on you and that the curse has now been broken. To protect yourself from any future harm, get a new evil eye bracelet as soon as possible.

5. Is it bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet?

No, it is not bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet. It just means that you are aware of the protection the evil eye can provide and want to ensure that you are protected. In general, an evil eye is only given as a gift to a new-born baby, which remains a significant custom in countries like Turkey.

6. which arm do you wear an evil eye bracelet?

Wearing the evil eye bracelet on your left wrist means you will have protection over your material success, career, business ventures, finances, intellect, and possessions. The left side is connected to your heart, your emotions, consciousness, and your faith, so it will protect you from anything that can hurt your heart and soul.

7. So How Can Someone Cause this Misfortune?

A person that is jealous of your looks, business, health, and prosperity may focus all their negative energy towards you. This negative energy that is now focused on you will bring you great discomfort and unhappiness in many areas of your life. The negative energy that is usually a result of envy needs to be broken. Wearing an evil eye amulet will protect the wearer against the effects of such a curse.

8. How can I make the most out of this Evil Eye amulet?

When people are jealous of you or your possessions, they may not show it. They will hide their jealousy behind fake smiles and fake compliments. We never know when we will be a target, so it is always good to wear your evil eye bracelet constantly.

For the evil eye amulet to give full protection to the wearer, the wearer must have faith that the evil eye is acting like a shield of protection against any negativity directed towards them. This will ensure the most protection is received.

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