Mood Ring Color Meanings & Chart

Sep 06 , 2021


Umi Soul

Mood color ring is an fan jewelry, which can change color according to different temperature. We know the temperature of human fluctuates slightly throughout the day, the mood ring color also changed according to the wearer’s temperature.

Mood ring is not a new invention, Maris Ambats and Josh Reynold invented the first mood ring in 1975. People were enchanted by the color-changing jewelry, but in the 70s, the rings were expensive, it becomes an interesting jewelry everyone can afford the price now.


Why Mood Ring can change Color?

This mood ring is designed with a heat-sensitive stone which made of liquid crystal thermometer.

They are very sensitive to heat and this enables them to change positions whenever there is a change in the temperature of the wearer. And as they change their structure due to heat, they absorb and reflect light at varying wavelengths hence the color changes of the mood ring color chart.

Basically, if the temperature changes, the crystal change color. But, there are upper and lower temperature limits. Too low a temperature solidifies the crystals, while too high a temperature denatures and permanently ruins them, the mood ring change its color during 0-38 Celsius degree (32-100 Fahrenheit degree)


Mood Ring Color Chart and Meaning 

mood ring color chart




The mood ring is capable of indirectly reading your mind by sensing the changesn your body temperature. Therefore, whatever emotions you are feeling, the liquid crystals i inherent in the ring will read it.

The fan mood ring is mesmerizing and stylish, and it can help you understand your state wherever you find yourself. It is fashionable, and it will look great on you. Give it a try and appreciate its awesomeness.

mood ring

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