What’s Red String Bracelet Meaning & Protection?

Oct 22 , 2021


Umi Soul

The red string bracelet has been worn throughout history to protect the person wearing it and to attract good luck to the person. Red is the color most associated with luck and brings luck to the wearer.

From ancient times people have believed that tying a sacred red thread on the left hand brings untold blessings. According to sages and ancient texts the left side of the body is considered the “receiving end”.

Wearing a red string bracelet encourages positive vibrations and brings luck, wealth, and abundance in all things.

In Feng Shui practices it is also believed that the left hand attracts abundance

Throughout the world today, in many cultures the red string bracelet symbolizes being loved and protected. Traditionally the red string bracelet is tied to your wrist by a friend or someone you trust.

red string bracelet

The red string bracelet is also seen as the thread of fate. According to an ancient Chinese legend, the Red Thread of Fate is invisible and ties all the lives of those close to us together. It is primarily associated with the link between two people who are destined to be married. The red string is said to lead you to the right person who is your soul mate

Modern interpretations of the red string bracelet are that every time we look at it, we are reminded that we are protected and that we must have faith and purpose to pursue our goals in life.

These are some of the benefits of the red string bracelet:

  • It attracts positive energy and brings a closer connection to the universe.
  • It’s love connection for couples
  • It brings success and prosperity to the wearer
  • It protects from the “evil eye” given by others
  • It is a protection from negative thoughts and misfortune from self and from others

Giving a gift of a red string bracelet is a sign that you are connected to that person and is a good gift for a sibling, friend, family members or possible partner in love. The red string connects people who are significant in our lives. It shows a spiritual connection between people and favorable destiny.

Red string bracelets are also given as symbols of blessing and good wishes for a successful outcome in marriage or a new venture.

red string bracelet meaning


Red string bracelet with evil eye

The bracelet is the perfect gift for children, friends, family and loved ones as it can be adjusted to fit any wrist size.

This bracelet is the perfect combination as the red string attracts success and prosperity while the evil eye wards off any misfortune that has been directed towards the wearer and gives protection against negative energy.

Red String bracelet with Hamsa Charm

Giving a red string bracelet with the Hamsa Charm is a special gift and means a great deal to the person you give it to. It is a gift of eternal protection from any external evil forces.

What does the Hamsa symbol mean?

Sometimes in life we have to say “stop”. Saying “stop” spiritually is what the Hamsa symbol represents. This refers to saying stop in a spiritual sense because sometime the world is overwhelming, and we are bombarded with negative thoughts and feelings. It means we are stopping all negative or bad thoughts from coming into our aura. The symbol of the hand has been present throughout history and has protected people, their homes. and their families.

Having the Hamsa amulet near you and especially wearing the Evil Eye Hamsa Charm Red String Bracelet gives protection from the external forces of the evil eye. The Hamsa amulet guarantees security and prosperity, and only positive energies will be able to get past the strong defense of this symbol.

Wearing the Hamsa symbol brings good luck and happiness to the person wearing it and when combined with the red string bracelet gives protection against all negativity and attracts only good.


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