When do you realize you are a couple?

Nov 15 , 2021


Umi Soul

At first you notice each other everywhere you go. When you go to a club with your friends, when you go to watch live music and even when you are walking in the park.

Then you each realize that you have noticed a special feeling when “that” look happens – you are excited and want to get to know each other better.

If you are a girl or a woman, he may have asked one of your friends for your number. You hold onto your phone waiting for that call. And then at last he calls and asks you for a date. Of course, you will say yes!

The date turns out to be awesome, especially when he asks if he can see you again the next day.

That is how it all started. For weeks you go out together, but in reality, you are not sure what it means. Are you now an exclusive couple, or are you just a couple of friends?

This is how you know!

  1. If he introduces you to his friends, co-workers, and family. He is proud to have you in his life, and he wants to share his world with you.
  2. When he speaks about you, he refers to you as his girlfriend, and you secretly smile, and it makes you happy.
  3. He is not dating anyone else. He has asked you to see him only and be exclusive and has promised not to let you down.
  4. He has taken his profile off all social media dating sites.
  5. You spend Saturday nights together. He spends any free time with you because your relationship is important, and he wants to make it work.
  6. He is affectionate with you in public. He puts his arm around you, holds your hand and sometimes gives you a kiss on your cheek.
  7. He makes you feel welcome in his home. You can take off your shoes, cook a meal, or watch tv on the couch.
  8. You start talking about having a future together. You both feel free to talk about anything in your relationship. You talk about how you feel in this budding relationship, and you talk about what you want for the future. You may even where you would like to live together - an apartment or a house. Do you both want children?


Signs that you are a good match as a couple

  1. You are both positive people

A positive outlook on life in general and a few smiles at each other during the day can keep a relationship strong. If a couple has positive energy, it counteracts any negative emotions, and the disagreements are small. Less arguing in a relationship, even if you disagree about something, means more trust and security for both partners.


  1. Both of you limit social media when you are together

If you are a couple and are spending time together, but one person is on their cellphone constantly texting, it is normal for the other partner to feel upset. This texting creates a feeling of insecurity and distrust especially when the person is trying to hide their phone or has its password protected. When you spend time together, that means you should spend quality time together and not in text conversations with other people.


  1. You cuddle each other

Most of us need to feel loved and feel physically close to our partners. Cuddling and tenderness maintain a healthy physical relationship with each other. It shows elevated levels of happiness in your relationship when you share a certain tenderness between each other.


  1. You are similar

There is an old saying “opposites attract.” But remember there is a difference between infatuation and true love. The fact is that having more things in common with your partner, will create a smoother road once the euphoria of youth is left behind. Like-minded partners that share especially the same values make better long-term partners than people who have different values a dislike the things the other partner likes.

Partners that like the same things usually like each other’s friends and enjoy the same activities, and what can be more joyful than doing things together?


  1. You laugh at the same jokes

If you and your partner have the same sense of humor, you are a match made in heaven. Laughing at the same silly things and appreciating the same comedy styles will have you both laughing at those irrelevant problems in your relationship.


  1. You are mutually protective

Partners in a couple are independent (or should be!), but at the same time they will protect each other at all costs. As a couple you are the biggest fan of the other person. Knowing your partner will stand by you and protect you strengthens trust and security in a relationship – that wonderful feeling of safety.


  1. You do not take each other for granted

Couples who express their appreciation for the trivial things have a healthy and successful relationship because they know that if their partner takes care of the trivial things, they will take care of the important things too.


  1. You communicate your feelings

In saying you communicate your feelings; it means that it includes having the odd fight with each other. It is better to learn how to disagree or even argue without causing unforgivable hurt early on in a relationship. It is like poison to bottle up your feelings and wait until you erupt like a volcano. When you don’t tell your partner how you feel, disagreements may eventually put a strain on your relationship. So put your feeling out there and resolve things before they become a big fight.


Relationships are not always easy. You must be prepared to put sincere effort and work into anything that is worthwhile in your life, and your relationship with your partner is one of the most important things in your life. If you have found someone you love, taking our tips seriously will help to create a happy, long-lasting relationship.

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