Affiliate Program

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With Umisoul you can earn commissions easily, starting at 15% over the product's price. Our average order value is about $100, so be ready to earn Money all day, even sleeping!

Our cookies available in 30 days, this means that if the referred visitor makes a purchase during those 30 days, his purchase will be associated with the referring affiliate.

How it works:

1. Register our affiliate program following.

2. You will get a Referral Link after login, this is the login address. (


3. You can put the Referral Link to your Facebook page, post, Blog, Youtube or other social media. Youtube channel for example.

PS: You also can turn the unique url to a short url, recommend site

For example:

4. You’ll receive a notification every time when a referring purchase is completed! You can login and check it as following.

 5. You will receive payment when the referral earning more than $100.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us